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Angela + Mike’s E-Session | Buffalo Wedding Photography

July 17, 2012

Mike & Angela were so awesome we couldn’t help but love their story! Here it is along with their photos:


So Mike and I met 2 years ago on May, 25th thru a girlfriend i use to work with and we just click right away. I think it was like only a month before our first vacation we did together. We went to Ohio to cedar point for a long weekend with another couple, and just had so much fun! We are both very easy going laid back people. It has been beyond perfect, it’s only 2 years later but the only thing we ever disagree on is what we want for dinner, and it not ever a disagreement we want what ever the other wants. It’s been an exciting year. In march MIke bought a house in Alden where we will both be living in, in November after we get married. MIke proposed on May 4th 2012, and it was super cute. I went over to his house and he had a slide show of all the remodeling we did to our house, painting and sanding all that fun stuff. I literary click thru 50 pictures, and i’m thinking to myself why is he showing this to me. He looked nervous but smiling, then at the end of the slide it said. “will you marry me” and he got down on one knee it was cute, i don’t remember much after that besides me crying and smiling! I’m so excited for the wedding and especially the honeymoon 2 1/2 week in Hawaii and to spend our life together! 


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